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Terry Banks - Musician, Songwriter, Producer

I have some really exciting NEWS to share ...

 Some time late last year (2020) I entered a songwriting contest online that I found on FACEBOOK. I don't often enter these kinds of events, but this one spoke to a song I had written, one that I think represents some of my best work. Last week, I received a call from Salt Lake City, Utah. I almost didn't take the call, as I don't really know anyone in Utah (other than Donny Osmond of course, and why would he be calling me?) I'm glad I answered. Turns out my song was selected out of over 1,500 entries to be in the Top 12 Finalists. The song would be broadcast around the World to over 200,00 people. And KAWAI is supplying the main prize, a top of the line stage piano and headphones.  BTW, I had completely forgotten about my entry at this point!

 Then as it turns out, they wanted to do an online ZOOM interview with me and have me submit a performance video of my song. The day before I found out about being in the finals, I had looked at renting some private studio space in Vancouver where I could have some privacy, to go and write, record and just hang out with friends every now and then. Well, this became the backdrop for my video. I enlisted a few friends to come and be my band, and we set about to make a music video ... talk about things taking shape and the universe aligning.

 So today, I received an email asking if I would mind if they bumped me from the Amateur category (hey, that's who I thought I was) into the Professional category. They felt that based on the strength of my song and my background that it would suit me better. WOW ... I'm busting with pride now. I am a just nobody, from CANADA, who entered into an international event, and they think I'm a PRO! Talk about a morale booster. It has taken me almost 60 years to get this kind of recognition. I never quit nor gave up on my dreams. While everyone else around me threw in their towels, or told me to grow up and stop dreaming, I kept pushing forward. This is my life and my destiny. Nothing is going to stop me ... except for death at this point. I have come too far, through so much, to ever give up!

Somebody out there, who doesn't even really know me and my struggles or my fears and anxieties, believes in me, and in my talents and in my song! That speaks volumes for me. I have struggled with self doubt many, many times ... but in my heart of hearts, I have always believed in two things, my DREAMS and my love for MUSIC! I just want to thank everyone who has helped me get to this point and to let you know just how much I really appreciate your love and friendship. I promise to give it back a thousand fold!

Terry Banks

FAMILY TREE - ROOTSTECH Songwriting Contest 2021 Top 12 Finalist Professional Category

"Score That Goal just might be what SongQuest is looking for: 1970's style arena-rock with rollicking piano and slide guitar. Taking Care of business indeed!" ~ Tom Harrison - The Province

"Terry Banks possesses a drive and talent that is not only impressive, it borders on supernatural. The guy can play anything he touches, write and sing plus produce. He is a one-man-band with such a casual way about him you’d have no idea what he can do if you bumped into him on the street. That is, unless he was slinging a guitar and humming the melody of a new song he’s writing!"


  • W. George Elliott, Former Owner/Publisher Similkameen News Leader, Princeton, BC

  • www.looseink.ninja

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