Meet our CEO and Founder


Terry Banks
CEO and Founder
Singer / Songwriter / Multi-instrumentalist

45+ years of real Industry experience and connections.

Singer / Songwriter / Multi-Instrumentalist / Recording Engineer - Producer / Promoter / Audio Video Lighting Engineer / Management - Booking Agent / 


Reliable Entrepreneurial Hardworking Dedicated Passionate Fearless Ethical


No Middlemen to deal with. You deal directly with the Top Dog … Me! I am always 100% accountable to you with no BS. That is my personal GUARANTEE!


  • Nearly 500,000 views on YouTube with Santa’s a Canadian (as Co-writer) 2011

  • Interviewed on CBC Vancouver with Gloria Mackarenko - Our Vancouver (Santa’s A Canadian) 2016

  • Placed Top 100 in CBC Song Quest Contest 2013 (Score That Goal)

  • Placed Top 12 in Roots Tech Songwriting Contest from over 1,500 entries 2021 (Family Tree)

  • 40+ years as a PRO / Semi Pro Musician and Songwriter (with over 1,000 songs written)

  • Recorded and co-Produced (with Clayton Creed) my 2018 Album - A Road To Nowhere

  • Recorded string quartet for Brent Braidwood Music - new album project 2021

  • Recorded and Produced Randall Andrus’ updated version of his 1983 hit single (on Flyte Records) 

      Christmas Just Isn’t Christmas (Without You) 2020


"Don’t be that Guy / Girl / Person who gives away their Art (and Soul) for free. There is value in you and your work. Let us help you find, and build, a solid International Fanbase outside of your local scene. A new surge of the Music Industry is in front of us, and we can be at the forefront with a combination of Modern Technology and Old School sensibilities as our common goal and driving force."


We won’t work with you just to make money. We will work with you because we believe in you and because we have a PASSION for Music and, for you, the Artist(s)!