Founded in 2021 by Terry Banks, a local Port Moody Musician, Singer / Songwriter, MAUI BABE RECORDS is named after his Wife, Stacey, whom he met online in 2005. Her nickname was MAUI BABE after her love for MAUI and all things Hawaiian.  After visiting MAUI for his first time in 2013 for their Honeymoon, Terry soon realized his love for the "Island Lifestyle" was paralleled by his love for Music, his Family and, Stacey.

At Maui Babe Records our first priority is to our Artists. We want to provide you with all the benefits of our 40+ years of Industry experience and connections. We will give you the same respect, integrity, passion and, knowledge that we have built our own career on.

 We take your success seriously and feel like your success reflects on us. Our Founder and CEO has been performing, writing, singing, recording, producing and, following his dreams since the 1970s. He feels that the past has great foundation and the present and future are filled with promise and opportunity never before seen given the technology available. We want to bridge those gaps and bring the past and the future together and re-create a new, sustainable, viable and vibrant Music Industry.

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