Tee Bee ... That's Mee!

"Score That Goal just might be what SongQuest is looking for: 1970's style arena-rock with rollicking piano and slide guitar. Taking Care of business indeed!" ~ Tom Harrison - The Province

"Terry Banks possesses a drive and talent that is not only impressive, it borders on supernatural. The guy can play anything he touches, write and sing plus produce. He is a one-man-band with such a casual way about him you’d have no idea what he can do if you bumped into him on the street. That is, unless he was slinging a guitar and humming the melody of a new song he’s writing!"


  • W. George Elliott, Former Owner/Publisher Similkameen News Leader, Princeton, BC

  • www.looseink.ninja

Photo by Derek Carr 2018 @ www.visionsinpixels.com 

Edited by Terry Banks

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